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Starpoint’s Host Home program is one of our most successful programs as it creates the perfect balance between support and independence for many individuals in our services. Starpoint contracts with individuals to provide services in the home to one or more individuals. Host Homes strive to create a home environment where an individual is included in all aspects of daily life within the home in an effort to promote independence and increase skills in various areas. Host Homes support individuals to access a variety of activities in their communities and to work toward established goals each year. 

The needs of each individual  identified to live in a Host Home are evaluated on a frequent basis.  Payment to the contracted Host Home  provider is based on meeting these various needs and therefore, provider fees vary according to the needs of the individual being served.

If you are interested in providing support to adults with developmental disabilities in a host home setting, Starpoint will work with you and our consumers to develop a quality match that will make a positive impact for everyone involved. Host Homes offer an alternative to a group home setting for our adults and offer you the opportunity to be a contract provider of services. You can receive more information on Host Home opportunities by calling our Adults Supports and Services division at:

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A Personal Care Alternative

What is a PCA?

A Personal Care Alternative (PCA) is a tailor-made, individualized, residential setting for persons receiving developmental disabilities services and supports. The emphasis of a PCA is a small, non-congregate living environment. There are two different types of PCAs that Adult Services offers. The first option offered is an individual residential community setting in either the consumer’s own home or apartment—with or without a roommate—with staff support scheduled to meet the identified needs of the particular consumer.

The second PCA option is a Host Home setting. A Host Home is a community residential setting that consists of contracting with an individual(s) to provide the residential care needed for a consumer who is unable to live independently.

In the Host Home settings, Adult Services contracts with a private provider for residential services. These providers are not employees of Adult Services but are independent contractors for the identified services. These contract providers must meet certain requirements of both the State of Colorado and Adult Services.

The needs of each consumer identified to live in a Host Home are evaluated individually. Payment to the contract provider is based on meeting these needs. Therefore, provider fees vary according to the consumer being served.

Generally, PCA settings are no more than two consumers living together unless three individuals have expressly asked to live together. Host Homes may have no more than two consumers living in one Host Home unless a waiver for special circumstances is granted. No more than three can ever live in the same home without it becoming a licensed group home.

PCAs are regulated by the state of Colorado and are monitored to meet these regulations.

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