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Through our residential services, we are committed to creating an atmosphere that respects individual choices and fosters personal growth. Depending on an individual’s needs, they can be placed in a host home, a group PCA home, or receive independent living supports. This allows for a beautiful path to independence, connection, and fulfillment for our clients.

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The Host Home program offered by Starpoint is designed to provide a supportive yet independent living environment for individuals with developmental disabilities. In this program, Starpoint contracts with individuals (the Host Home providers) who offer services within their homes to one or more individuals with developmental disabilities. The goal is to create a home environment where the individual(s) receiving support are fully integrated into daily life activities within the household, fostering independence and skill development.

Host Homes facilitate community engagement and support individuals in working towards their established goals. The program emphasizes personalized care, with the needs of each individual regularly evaluated to ensure they receive appropriate support. Payment to the contracted Host Home provider is based on meeting these individual needs, resulting in varying provider fees depending on the level of support required for each individual.

Are you interested in becoming a Host Home contractor?

Are you interested in supporting adults with developmental disabilities? Maybe you are looking for a new career? Or, you have an extra room and would like to invite an adult with disabilities into your home?  Starpoint works closely with each contractor to ensure a quality match. To learn more about Host Home opportunities and how to get involved, interested individuals can contact us at (719) 269-2214, or fill out the form below for further information and guidance.

A Personal Care Alternative (PCA) is a specialized residential option tailored to meet the individual needs of persons receiving developmental disabilities services and supports. The primary focus of a PCA is to provide a small, personalized living environment that is not congregate in nature. Adult Services offers two distinct types of PCAs to accommodate varying preferences and needs.

The first option within the PCA program involves placing individuals in a residential community setting, which may be either the consumer’s own home or apartment, with or without a roommate. In this setup, staff support is scheduled according to the specific needs of each consumer, ensuring personalized care and assistance.

The second option available is the Host Home setting, which entails contracting with an individual(s) to provide residential care for a consumer who requires support due to an inability to live independently. In Host Home settings, Adult Services contracts with private providers for residential services. These providers are independent contractors who must meet certain requirements set forth by both the State of Colorado and Starpoint.

Typically, PCA settings involve no more than two consumers living together, unless three individuals have explicitly requested to live together. Similarly, Host Homes are limited to accommodating no more than two consumers, unless a waiver for special circumstances is granted. It’s important to note that exceeding three individuals in the same home would classify it as a licensed group home. PCAs are subject to regulation by the state of Colorado, ensuring that they adhere to established standards and are monitored to maintain compliance with these regulations.