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Early Intervention Colorado

Starpoint currently provides Early Intervention services in Fremont, Custer and Chaffee Counties. Early Intervention provides support and resources to assist family members and caregivers of children with disabilities or developmental delays, from birth until a child’s 3rd birthday. Our desire is for families in our area to be linked into our network as quickly as possible.  Research shows that the earlier intervention happens, the better chance a child has to overcome specific delays, so don’t hesitate to speak up. These services are free and available to the general public. 

Once eligibility for Early Intervention is determined, a Starpoint Service Coordinator will be assigned to meet with you to create an Individualized Family Service Plan, get to know your child’s strengths and needs, and set goals to work towards.  They will also support families with setting up needed supports for the child in the home or by virtual means. 

For additional information regarding Early Intervention Services, call 719-320-3487 or email eintervention@starpointco.com

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Early Intervention Colorado is available to children under the age of three years. The Coordinator for the Fremont, Custer, and Chaffee areas is located in Canon City. Public schools or BOCES are responsible for children ages three to five years. Some children’s disabilities and delays are not visible at birth, but only become apparent as the child develops or are the result of illness or injury.

For parents with a first child, it may be difficult to know for certain whether their child’s development is on schedule or is a bit extraordinary. It is always wise for parents to attend well-child checkups and discuss their child’s development with their child’s health care provider. Examples of such concerns might include delays in speech, crawling or walking, problems in eating, and behavioral issues such as tantrums, excessive fears, or withdrawing from people. Help is available for kids and parents in any of these situations.

Our community believes all children should be screened for development, vision, and hearing. Our motto is “do your child a favor.” In Fremont County, parents can contact Project ECHO at 719-276-6176 to schedule a free screening of their child’s development, vision, and hearing for their children. Families living in Custer and Chafee Counties should contact their local school districts or child find programs for the developmental, hearing, and vision screenings. Once a delay or disability has been determined, Early Intervention through Starpoint, focuses on supporting families with eligible babies and toddlers who may have a delay or disability. For those living in Custer and Chaffee Counties, you can contact your local Child Find using the numbers below: 

Buena Vista: 719-395-7029
Salida: 719-530-5375 

Frequently Asked


How do I know if my child might need special help?

If you, a friend, or a family member have concerns about your child’s development you should refer your child for a screening. These concerns can be about a child’s speech, language, behavior, movement, learning, hearing, or vision. Referrals can also come from your pediatrician’s office.

What steps does the process include?

Step 1: Project ECHO screening or Referral
Step 2: Developmental Evaluation
Step 3: Planning Meeting
Step 4: In-Home Supports for Established Delays and Areas of Concern

What is a Developmental Evaluation? 

A developmental evaluation assesses a child’s development in a playful format. In these assessments, Early Childhood Professionals will look at how your child talks, moves, uses materials, and interacts with their environment. These assessments help to determine areas where a child is excelling, and areas where they may need support in order to grow and thrive.

What does the planning meeting and In-Home support entail? 

Each plan is completely unique to the child and his or her particular family, and are comprehensive addressing not only the needs of the child but also the needs of the entire family. These plans are required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and can be either an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) or an Individualized Education Plan (IEP for children age 3 to 5). The in-home support that follows is conducted by a licensed professional and the family is the driver of the plan. This means that the family is 100% in charge of the plan and can decide how often and where this coaching may take place. Families will never receive a bill or any copays from us, as this service is 100% free.