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For Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

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Supported Living Services

Individually tailored planning ensures that independent adults with developmental disabilities receive the services and support they need in order to make their own choices about where in their community they live and work. The goal of this program is to enhance the quality of life by maintaining as much independence and self-determination as possible.

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Comprehensive Services

An increased level of support and care may also be available for those adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who require supervised assistance with everyday activities, ranging from personal care and health and safety management to budgeting and planning daily activities. We offer 24-hour services in a variety of settings:

Group Residential Services and Supports

Designed to meet the unique needs of those individuals who require full support for safety, whether it’s for physical, behavioral, or medical reasons. Support for all daily living needs is provided around the clock in warm and friendly homes throughout the community.

Individual Residential Services and Supports

Personalized services to meet each person’s unique needs to compliment their preferred community living arrangement. Individuals live in either a Host Home setting or their own home and are supported to enjoy community activities. Health and safety are paramount to the services provided. Each individual has access to 24-hour support, which may include staff and/or providers to assist them.

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Supported Employment

Starpoint is in close partnership with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). This program helps our consumers find employment through job interest and skill assessments. This may include job shadowing, tryouts, job placement, job coaching, and job maintenance/advancement. Employers include Wal-Mart, Pizza Madness, Home Depot, Taco Bell, Howard’s Disposal, and others. Our partnered employers have been very successful in integrating people with disabilities into regular employment positions.

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Day Programs

“We support individuals to participate in a variety of recreation and leisure activities. Educational, safety, skill building and seasonal themes are explored on a weekly basis. Adult onsite programs are facilitated in the administrative buildings, creating greater opportunities for interaction between employees and consumers at all levels.”

“Our services for adults with developmental and physical disabilities are located in Fremont and Chaffee Counties.”

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Community-Based Services

Individuals with disabilities are engaged in their community by participating in activities of their interest, volunteering at local retail businesses, and participating in clubs and organizations. We provide a support person to accompany them if desired.

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